How do I issue refunds?

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep, 2023 at 3:31 PM

You don't need to request a refund if you reject the order as unavailable, or the order is canceled by the customer before you have changed the order status to Shipped. Our system will automatically void those transactions. If you have canceled one or more books in a multi-book order before marking the order shipped, we'll adjust the settled amount of the transaction automatically, and no refund will need to be issued.

If you need to refund a returned order, or issue a full or partial refund for another reason, click on the orange Refund button on the order details screen. You will only see that button on the order details after the order has been marked as shipped.

You will be prompted to enter the reason for the refund and to choose whether you are issuing a full or partial refund. If you are refunding in full, you don't need to enter an amount. If you are issuing a partial refund, enter the amount. A refund request will then be generated to Biblio. We will process the refund as instructed, usually within 24 hours, and send confirmation emails to you and the customer. If you have any questions, or difficulty adjusting the charges, please email directly.

For information about our site-wide customer return and refund guarantee, please see the Biblio return and refund policy. Our customer support staff is always available to assist in cases where there is a dispute regarding a return or refund.

Please note that this FAQ applies only where Biblio has processed the payment via PayPal or a customer's credit card. If you have taken payment directly, you would also issue the refund directly.

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